The Panther Linear Cutter Stapler places two double staggered rows of titanium staples while simultaneously dividing the tissue between the 2 rows of staples. The staplers and reloads are available in 3 different lengths – 60mm, 80mm and 100mm and 2 staple sizes- 3.8mm (Blue) and 4.8mm (Green). The stapler can be reloaded up to 7 times for total of 8 firings in a single procedure.

Open Linear Cutter and Cartridges
image of a Linear cutter stapler on black background
Open Linear Stapler opened.
Linear Stapler with Knife cartridge
image of a Linear cutter stapler on black background
Linear Stapler with Knife cartridge
three Linear cutter of various size on black background
image of two Open Linear Stapler, one open and the other closed.
three box of Linear cutter stapler and cartridge.
two row of two boxed Liner Cutter stapler
image of blue cartridge Extra Grip Technology

Extra Grip Technology

The atraumatic ridge cartridge surface prevents tissue from migrating forward during the firing cycle.
image zoomed on green Cartridge Safety Lockout on white background

Cartridge Safety Lockout

A white plastic guard deploys covering the knife blade after the reload unit has been fired. This protects the healthcare professional and prevents the closing of an instrument with a cartridge that has already been fired.

Optional Rear or Parallel Clamping

Intermediate locking design enables optional one handed placement and control.

Linear Cutter Stapler

Product Code Description Staple Length Height Pack QTY
SSAB-60 3.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 60mm 3.8mm 5 / Box
SSAB-60 4.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 60mm 4.8mm 5 / Box
SSAB-80 3.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 80mm 3.8mm 5 / Box
SSAB-80 4.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 80mm 4.8mm 5 / Box
SSAB-100 3.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 100mm 3.8mm 5 / Box
SSAB-100 4.8mm
Linear Cutter Stapler 100mm 4.8mm 5 / Box

Cartridges For Linear Cutter Stapler

Cartridges For Linear Cutter Stapler

Product Code Staple Length Staple Height Pack QTY
60mm 3.8mm 6 / Box
60mm 4.8mm 6 / Box
80mm 3.8mm 6 / Box
80mm 4.8mm 6 / Box
100mm 3.8mm 6 / Box
100mm 4.8mm 6 / Box


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